We Rally

We gather, inspire, and equip the dreamers, creators, strategists, artists, poets, prophets, and entrepreneurs to create, celebrate, and share. We bestow a birthright and a blessing to those who are beginning to dream. We offer a brotherhood and sisterhood to those who are building and enduring. We honor those who have gone before, recognizing we stand on their shoulders, need their wisdom, and dream within their dreams. Check out our upcoming connection points here.

We Resource

We recognize we are blessed to be a blessing. We build spaces for the sharing of resources between partnering churches, organizations, and businesses. We look for opportunities to be shareholders in new church plants who preach the Gospel and businesses who operate in Kingdom principles. 

We Reimagine

We believe the church should be the most creative place on the planet and that we reflect the character of God as we seek solutions from the heart of God to the problems of culture. We seek to curate spaces for dreamers, creators, strategists, poets, prophets, and entrepreneurs to create together, celebrate one another, and share ideas with one another.

We Reproduce

We develop the next generation of leaders to walk in the ways of God and make disciples who make disciple makers. We curate development spaces through the NCC Learning  community- internships, Protege Program, SEU at NCC, Church Planter in Residence, and online leadership development modules.  

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